Our Curriculum Intent Within Physical Education

We aim to set the standards within PE and make our delivery bespoke to each school needs.  We ensure that an academic PE over view is in place at the start of the academic year and outlines the key areas we will aim to develop within PE for each key stage.

We link our planning to meet those of national curriculum guidelines for each key stage and ensure that schools and teachers have access to planning year-round.  Our own bespoke assessments link to our plans and are fulfilled each lesson and term so that each child has an opportunity to meet individual learning outcomes.

Our aims


As a professional sports provider within a school setting, we aim to ensure each child will;


  • Have access to high quality coaching
  • Learn in a positive and safe environment
  • Educated on the long-term health benefits of physical activity
  • Learn positive feedback around sport and fitness participation
  • Meet their own individual needs
  • Have access to a diverse range of sports and dance subjects
  • Be supported by positive and professional role models/teachers/coaches
  • Learn through PE, science and the importance of exercise on the body and mind
  • Be involved in an all-inclusive environment
  • Be Provided with moderate to vigorous actively levels with PE lessons in line with government recommended targets.

Our company ethos is for PE provision to provide a stimulating environment for each participating child, enabling the opportunity to deliver a positive impact on children’s life’s. This approach is underpinned by evidenced based research supporting the required elements for a child to engage and learn through active participation, sports must encompass and be delivered in a fun and positive learning environment for all.

In KS1 we aim to give children the access to key fundamentals within sports, rather than be specific to each area.  This will include key motor skill development, such as improving running and jumping.  Improve balance, agility and co-ordination and the opportunity to apply these skills within a range of activities.  We also aim to ensure each child forms a healthy bond with sports and fitness.

In KS2 children will continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills.  Effective communication will be taught, and the importance of team work and collaborating with each other.  Pupils will play within a competitive environment learning game team-based sports e.g. football, hockey, netball, handball etc.  Develop flexibility, strength and balance within gymnastics and dance.

Children will also have access to gymnastics and dance related PE, helping support the need for fitness, strength, flexibility and muscular development.

‘Our physical education programme is developed in line with the new governments sporting strategy’

We ensure that PE fits each school’s needs by working alongside them and providing on-going support throughout each academic year so that each child’s needs are met, and our model is always in date with current recommended government guidelines.